About the Course

Erudite offers the CPD course in adult education exclusively to teach professional development skills to older members of our societies. This course is a new venture in educating the development of professional strategies for the learners. Adults around the world can now avail of this opportunity and develop in their personal and professional levels breaking all the stigmas of society. The training provides simple yet sophisticated assistance in a more practical way. The course helps in providing a growing opportunity to enable learners to have a professional stand in the changing world.

The intensive curriculum is specially planned, and designed to fulfill the overall requirements of adult education. The modules cover the complete horizon of knowledge of theories, fundamentals, techniques and practical approaches to help the learners grow effectively. Proficient trainers are always available in the learning process. They equip the learners well in their area of learning and make learning enjoyable and interesting.

  • Course Duration:

    The course duration is for 2 hours.

  • Course benefits:

    The comprehensive course curriculum is practical-based and follows international techniques and methods of teaching.

    Erudite provides this extraordinary development scope to the people to acquire knowledge and skills at a matured level of life.

    The course gives ample of opportunities to an adult to grow in life and pursue a new career or develop in the respective fields as well.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

    There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.

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