About the Course

Erudite provides the globally accepted CPD Course in the Classroom Material Development to professionally develop the teachers in this skill. Classroom material is a vital aid in the teaching-learning process. It activates the students and enhances the learning procedure. It is an asset for teachers around the globe. This course imparts the skills of development of the classroom material and its effective use according to various subjects. Teachers learn to develop different classroom materials according to several factors like the age of the students, their class, the subjects, topics and so on. The course plays an important role in fostering the creative and imaginative skills of the teachers. Through this course, teachers learn to use inciting and motivating materials in the classroom to help children develop progressively. The teacher helps students gain interest in the class and inculcate the love for learning.

The course follows a comprehensive curriculum to impart concrete and creative knowledge. It contains countless examples and experience opportunities following practical approaches. Proficient trainers use practical classes to develop creativity and imagination in teachers. They follow interesting methods in the training process. This innovative course provides innumerable opportunities to candidates around the world to follow their dreams.

  • Course Duration:

    The course duration is for 2 hours.

  • Course benefits:

    The unique professional development course enables a teacher to acquire proficiency in developing classroom material and make learning an enjoyable journey.

    This course curriculum develops important skills of creativity, imagination, and innovation to help the teachers in their teaching process.

    After the course, teachers acquire a professional certificate that is globally accepted providing opportunities in the global market.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

    There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.

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