About the Course

The CPD Course in Teaching Grammar is all about providing professional skills to a teacher in teaching English grammar. English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. Maximum of non-natives learn English to read, write and speak for various purposes. Grammar is the base of English that leads to the correct use of the language. To excel in English, grammar is an indispensable aid. Through this course, the teachers learn to teach grammar with all the basic rules and norms. The course professionally trains the teachers about proper usages of the different parts of speech, various figures of speech, the voice, number (singular plural), sentence formation and many more. The teachers acquire the international standard knowledge of English Grammar with contemporary and updated methods.

The course curriculum provides thorough knowledge about the fundamental principles and approaches of grammar to form concrete ideas of the course. The skilled trainers use interesting and interactive methods in the training process. They employ practical examples and illustrations for better understanding. The international certificate is an added benefit for the candidates to pursue their dream career in any part of the world.

  • Course Duration:

    The course duration is for 2 hours.

  • Course benefits:

    The course curriculum provides the internationally acclaimed strategies and methods of teaching that helps in imparting contemporary and updated knowledge.

    After the course, the candidates excel as professional grammar teachers to teach in any place of their choice in any international school.

    The expert trainers help the candidates with all the required knowledge for the course and make them proficient in their profession.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

    There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.

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