About the Course

Erudite offers exclusive language learning course in the Dutch language and offers a globally acclaimed certificate for international acceptance. Through this course, the students can learn the Old West Germanic origin language-Dutch and experience language development and its evolution. The course will help the students learn from the basic to the advanced level according to the requirement. Each level will accelerate language learning and knowledge. Proficiency is needed in any language skill and the students will be trained by expert trainers to excel in reading, writing and communicative development. The course will enable the students to understand the Dutch language and communicate with native speakers with ease and accuracy. The detailed course curriculum plays a vital role in language learning and its development.

The learners will become proficient in expressing their mind in the European language and make friends and connect with people. The modern techniques and methods of teaching provided by our professional language experts will correct the errors of the students in the learning process and make the language learning enjoyable and life-long experience. The expertise in the language will provide opportunities to work in developed European countries and pursue a dream career.

Course levels

  • Course Duration:

    Each Level of the Dutch Language Course covers 60 hours.

  • Focus of the Training:

    The basic focus of Erudite is to provide career-oriented language learning course that will help the learners to grow in their professional and personal life.

    The students can learn the language and understand the age-old culture of the Dutch people and acquire a deep insight into their evolution.

    The intensive course curriculum makes learning comprehensive and dynamic and provides proficiency in the Dutch language.

  • Course Benefits:

    Get lucrative job opportunities in the countries where the language is spoken.

    Travel without worrying as you can communicate with the locals easily.

    Learn more about Deutschland, its culture and heritage by learning the language.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.

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