Evaluation Process

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The Evaluation process at Erudite is simple. The students study with the help of comprehensive study material guided by expert trainers. The dynamic courses are learner-oriented and offer an easy and trustworthy evaluation procedure. The term-end assignments consist of research projects and practical. The assignments are evaluated by expert trainers and graded accordingly. Creativity and practicality are the highlights of the course assignments. Grade keys of Erudite Program:-

  • 90-100: A+
  • 80-89: A
  • 70-79: B+
  • 60-69: B
  • Below 60- passed

Distance Course

Each chapter of the course has multiple-choice questions at the end which helps in the better analysis. The courses have assignments evaluated by the trainers within 15-20 days from the date of submission.

Online Course

After completion of each phase of the course curriculum, multiple-choice questions appear which needs to be submitted online and the scores are reflected on the screen after the completion of the online test. The students need to send their assignments online for the evaluation.

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