About the Course

Erudite provides training classes ranging from the beginning level rising up to the most advanced ones. Erudite also provide long term oriented study, prepare aspiring French speakers for overseas travel and train the youngsters to communicate fluently with French speakers and in French environments.

The course will help the learners to develop their core skills like basic words, numbers, time and date. Our experts will teach the beginners to read, write and pronunciation the French alphabet in the correct manner. After learning the French alphabet, the learner would start developing the French vocabulary with French words and phrases. The trainer will also guide the learner on the French grammar rules which should be followed and understand properly in order to speak the French language.

Learning is important to succeed in life. Parents send their children to school to learn so that they are able to excel in life and make their careers to lead a successful and happy life. We are proud to have catered to the needs of students by providing them training in French Language Course.

Erudite also provide online lessons to the students if they have traveling issues. At Erudite, students are given individualized attention and a study program, which is tailored specially for their needs. Our qualified educators put our learners at ease while challenging and stimulating their sample conversations and their learning attitude.

Course levels

  • Course Duration:

    In Erudite, each level starting from the Begin to Advanced levels the French Language Course covers 60 hours.

  • Focus of the Training:

    It is the official language in 29 countries. This is the only language after English that is taught in every country. From the very beginning of the course, we encourage students but never pressurize them to exceed our expectations. The students will learn in a free environment without the pressure to learn and perform help the students in practicing the foreign language and perfecting their pronunciations. The students are put under the guidance of native French speakers.

  • Course Benefits:

    Based on the demand of the French language, increasing globally and further helps the learners to fulfill their international demands. Our experts provide in-depth knowledge of the French language course with the help of the innovative method. So that the students who desire to study, abroad and seeking job opportunities would face no difficulty while interacting with the French people.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

    Erudite has no specific requirements for this Course. Anyone can apply for this course.

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