About the Course

The fundamentals of the German Language comprise of the alphabets, numbers, basic phrases in German and the pronunciations of the newly learned words. The different levels comprise of articles and demonstratives, subject pronouns, question words and many more.

The German language course is taught by experts using innovative approaches to teach and make the learning experience an enjoyable one.

Course levels

  • Course Duration:

    Each Level of the German Language Course covers 60 hours.

  • Focus of the Training:

    The German language course enables you to learn the language so that you can pursue any type of job in the countries where the language is spoken.

    There is a vast number of job openings in the market for candidates proficient in the German language.

    The German-speaking countries are superb places for travelling as well as starting a career.

  • Course Benefits:

    The language is very important in academia and if you want to pursue higher education, getting trained in German will give you additional benefits.

    You will be able to get extraordinary career opportunities by learning the language as Germany is an economic powerhouse and is open to skilled professionals.

    Learning the language will help you to learn more about the country and its literature and culture.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

    There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.

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