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About the Course

Through Portuguese Language Course, Erudite aims to pacify the language learning quest with the correct language learning levels and procedures. The language learning course consists of various levels to satisfy your learning need and help you excel in the level chosen by you. Learning of any language requires practice and communication which is the primary focus of our program. The comprehensive course makes the learning process easier and accurate. Students can learn basic grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking at various levels. The professional Portuguese trainers will make the language learning process smooth and beneficial.

In the present days, globalisation has led to communicate with people of diverse race, religion, language and customs. Learning a European language like Portuguese will offer communicative scope with the people staying in the other parts of the world. The internationally acclaimed language course also provides career opportunities in the land of Portugal. Erudite aims to make our candidate a global citizen and make a global family.

Course levels

  • Course Duration:

    Each Level of the Portuguese Language Course covers 60 hours.

  • Focus of the Training:

    Learn the language provided to suit your need and join any level and excel according to the best of your ability.

    The main focus of the course is to develop a profound and detailed knowledge of the language through our modern intensive curriculum.

    The course can open avenues for different jobs in the Portuguese speaking countries and can offer scope as interpreter and translator as well.

  • Course Benefits:

    Get a wide range of job opportunities in Portugal, Brazil and in other countries where the language is spoken.

    Learning Portuguese will help you interact with the locals whenever you visit at any of the places where Portuguese is being spoken.

    Learn and connect with the culture of the lands where the language is spoken.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

    There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.

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